Welcome to Drawing Proportions’ Beta Program


To install the beta release of the app follow the link below:



Just by using the beta version you’ll be helping to assure the quality of the next release.

The current release focuses on the introduction of a drawing engine, so make sure you draw a lot!

To help even more:

  • If the app crashes during use, make sure to open it again after the crash and writing the report. This guarantees the crash report gets sent to us in time
  • If you notice something weird, something you don’t like, or just want to contact us, you can do it these ways:
  • If you are using iOS 13.0, use Testflight built-in capabilities. Just take a screenshot of the app as you normally would, when you click the “Done” button you will find an option to send the screenshot and feedback
  • You can write directly with any issues to beta@lafappbrica.com
  • Use the contact form at the bottom of this page

While the beta release is *mostly* free of advertisement, from time to time you might get ads activated and lose the premium features temporarily, this is necessary to assure the release will be stable for free-tier users

The app localization is originally written in Spanish, if you notice something sounding weird don’t be afraid to send valuable feedback

And as a thank you for reading all of this; before the public release of the new version we will be doing a giveaway of promo codes for the premium features. If you wish to participate send a mail to beta@lafappbrica.com including the mail address associated to your Apple ID and informing us you wish to participate, please also tell us how did you found out about the beta program

Due to technical issues with our systems we haven’t received mails during May-June 2020, if you contacted us during this time and haven’t reached back please contact us again

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.