Tracing Buddy

Tracing Buddy is a drawing grid and anamorphic images creation tool. Built for simplicity, Tracing Buddy allows you to easily transfer pictures to a drawing surface
With the perspective distortion functionality, you can enter the world of drawing anamorphic illusions. Apply the distortion to your images and transfer them to a drawing surface with a grid
Grid Features:
– Square divisions or choose your preferred aspect ratio
– Change color and transparency of grid lines
– Choose from two subdivision styles and change color and transparency as you wish
-Change the grid background color and the transparency of your image
-Change the scale and position of your image relative to the whole grid
Image Features:
– Choose from a regular image or a line art style, change the filter as you wish
Anamorphic images:
– Add perspective distortion to your images choosing from two method: AR or with a picture
– In AR method let Tracing Buddy guide you through the whole process, you only need an iOS device equipped with AR capabilities
– If you need more control about the distortion, you can take a picture from your phone or a external camera and apply the distortion manually, for this method to be effective, you need to know the dimensions of the surface you want to transfer your picture to

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