Tracing Buddy. Drawing Grid App Available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store

Tracing Buddy is a drawing grid app and anamorphic images creation tool. 

Built for simplicity, Tracing Buddy allows you to easily transfer pictures to a drawing surface

Using the perspective distortion functionality, now you can enter the world of drawing illusions. First, apply the distortion to your images and then transfer them to a drawing surface with a grid

The app is optimized for both iPhone and iPad use, including Dark Mode support

Grid Features:

  • Square divisions or choose the preferred aspect ratio
  • Change color and transparency of grid lines
  • Choose from four subdivision styles and change color and transparency as you wish
  • Change the grid background color and the transparency of your image
  • Change the scale and position of your image relative to the whole grid
  • Save grid settings in projects

Image Features:

  • Choose from a regular image, line art style, black & white values, or remove backgrounds with the person detection filter
  • With the B&W and values filter you change your image to black & white, adjust shadows and highlights to you liking with the included tone curve and reduce the number of values in the picture to a more manageable amount. With the value selection tool you can inspect where values are placed in your image
  • Use the person detection filter to remove the backgrounds of pictures with people in them, change to a transparent or solid color background instead

Anamorphic images:

  • Add perspective distortion to your images choosing from two method: AR or using a picture
  • In AR method let Tracing Buddy guide you through the whole process, you only need an iOS device equipped with AR capabilities
  • If you need more control about the distortion, you can take a picture from your phone or with external camera and apply the distortion manually, for this method to be effective, you need to know the dimensions of the surface you want to transfer your picture to